Dear People,

The world is going through very rapid change. We are thrown into confusion and imbalance. Disease, wars, eroding privacy, increasing corporate control, inflation, mass layoffs, homelessness, climate change, gun violence, growing intolerance and despotism. The Earth is falling apart, it seems. That is why we need GLUE to put the Earth back together.

GLUE is a grassroots movement that empowers workers of all backgrounds to join forces and fight for their rights to fair wages, safe working conditions, and dignified treatment. We don't ask for your personal information or money - we simply ask for your support in spreading awareness and taking action to create an equitable world where workers are paid fairly, and caring for the Earth is a top priority. Join us and stand up against worker exploitation and oppression today.

Clearing up some basics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GLUE?

A: GLUE is the Global Labor Union of Earth. It aims at becoming a guerilla network of nonviolent activists spreading a message of peace and engaging in intentional, collective acts. GLUE is the Union of all Unions.

Q: What? Another Union? Don't we already have unions?

A: That is the problem. We have union(s). Not singular. Unions have made great advancements for people. However, we are all working towards shared goals, so why not set aside our differences and act in solidarity? That's why GLUE doesn't ask you to identify yourself. We won't annoy your or coddle you by sending you constant reminders. It is informal. It's going to be fun. Join in!

Q: I am already a Union member. What should I do?

A: Tell more union members about GLUE. At GLUE, you pay no dues. We don't need to know your name. You just do what you feel needs to be done. We act in solidarity with workers everywhere. Tell your family, your friends, everyone you know about GLUE.

Q: What do you envision GLUE members doing?

A: First of all, it is important for people to heal. I would urge you to take up meditation or engage in any activity that calms you. Being calm and nonviolent is a great source of strength. Let us be funny, keep calm and hope to disarm.
We are going to engage in things such as flash mobs, media stunts ( Yes Men are a great inspiration ), hacktivism, sabotage of the system at key points. And yes, good old fashioned marches when needed. Soft, gentle, strong, nonviolent ways.
We want to win hearts and minds. We don't want to alienate the average person by waking them up too rudely. They will become hostile and resistant, which defeats our purpose. Humor is the way to make them think and feel at the same time.

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